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March 16-17 2019
Istanbul, Maslak, Windowist Tower
Accomodation: Renaissance Polat Istanbul Hotel

Unleash Your Potential!

BusinessPoint’19 applications are now closed, thank you for your interest. Follow the BusinessPoint Facebook Page to keep track of the progress!

Launched with its motto of “Unleash Your Potential”, BusinessPoint is an event organized by Bilkent University Industrial Engineering Operational Research Club where university students are able to experience business life with all its intensity.

The event takes shape through individual contributions of 60 junior or senior university students from Turkey’s top six universities (Bilkent University, Bogazici University, Istanbul Technical University, Koç University, Middle East Technical University and Sabanci University), whom have been pre-selected by the sponsoring companies as a qualifier. Businesspoint’19 will take place at an office in Istanbul on 16-17 March 2019 with a goal of simulating business life in the best way possible.

What does BusinessPoint contribute to me?

  • Networking opportunities with 60 students from Turkey’s top six universities selected by CV screening
  • A two-day experience atİstanbul Maslak, the Windowist Tower, in the center of business life
  • Learn to work as a team
  • Opportunity to exist and show your capabilities as an individual when working with a group
  • Oppurtunity to meet senior executives of companies
  • Developing stress management, time planning and collaboration skills
  • Collaborative work at multiple stages of multi-thinking


  • Full scholarship for MBA programmes from Sabancı University and Koç University
  • Internship award
  • 10,000 TL

and more…

Why a business life simulation?

The event consists of 5 different stages in order to give a chance to people to experience different fields of a business life. In every stage, teams involving 5 participants develop solutions for cases intended for different fields and present their idea to the representatives of of the sponsored companies. Marketing Point, Finance Point and Crisis Point stages will be regulated as sessions for two days and following that, according to predetermined criteria, 20 most successful participants out of 60 who are evaluated will qualify to enter the stage called Elevator Pitch which takes 5 minutes and measures their persuasive abilities on company representatives. Top 10 participants chosen after the Elevator Pitch stage will move on to the Final stage.

Marketing Point

During marketing point, the participants will focus on a marketing case provided by the sponsor and will present a solution to the company official.  Marketing point will give the participants the opportunity to utilize and apply their marketing abilities in real corporate life.

Finance Point

Participants will engage their financial knowledge while solving a finance related case provided by the sponsor. At the end of this stage, participants will present their solutions to the company officials.

Crisis Point

This is a stage that tests participants’ problem solving and decision making abilities under pressure during crisis. The participants are to focus on solving a strategic case which will be provided by the main sponsor. During crisis point, the participants will face unexpected circumstances and will reform their case solution strategies according to the changing circumstances and conditions as such in real business life.

Elevator Pitch

In this stage, 20 out of 60 participants who are elected according to the criteria of the previous stages will showcase their persuasive rhetoric abilities by having a one-on-one meeting with a company official.


The final stage will include 10 participants who are further elected out of the previous 20 with respect to the evaluation during the Elevator Pitch stage and the company executive of the main sponsor. The concept of the final stage is an executive board meeting with the 10 participants and company executive.

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Listen to BusinessPoint’18 participants. They have unleashed their potentials, now it’s your turn!